HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! It has been a hot minute since I have written about my daily shenanigans (shania-gans?) on this blog.  Yes, the rumours are true: I am still alive.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually been swamped with school work (what, I went on exchange for school??? Unbelievable). I’ve been in Copenhagen for four months... Continue Reading →


Sharing is Caring (especially when food is involved)

Studying abroad has made me so much more appreciative and grateful for my life in Canada.  When you travel, you are thrown into an unknown, and often that unknown is missing things that you take for granted. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to live across the world for six months. ... Continue Reading →

Hitting a High in Hungary

It was 11 o’clock on a Wednesday night.  I had been up since 7am for an early morning class and then spent the rest of the day running around doing errands.  My body was putting itself into power-saving mode, and sleep was all I wanted in that moment.  A simple request, right? Wrong.  I was... Continue Reading →

What It’s Like to Travel Alone

“I can’t believe you’re going to Belgium by yourself!” “I want to do a solo trip.” These are some of the things people said when I told them I was doing a four-day trip to Belgium by myself. “Aren’t you going to get lonely?” ??????? Okay, I don't understand this one. I go shopping alone.... Continue Reading →

Danish Bicycle Culture

Confession time.  I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was seven or eight years old, which is far too old in my opinion (I also didn’t learn how to swim until I was 12, so I guess I was just a late bloomer).  Ask me to do a back flip on a... Continue Reading →


Staying in a hostel is a lot like going on a date: you either leave wanting to tell your friends how amazing it was, or you rush out screaming, wanting to immediately forget the ordeal but instead every disgusting and cringey detail is permanently engraved in your mind. This week I moved out of a hostel... Continue Reading →

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